Chief Financial Officer

You’re ready for a financial partner, a trusted business advisor, your right-hand wingwoman - who sets numbers to your vision as CEO. 

You're looking for more wealth wins and more impactful legacy building.

You’re a powerhouse in your industry and lauded by your clients and team:

Your services garner five figure contracts and beyond, $500K+ annually

You manage a lean team or agency with a blend of employees and contractors

You've built your business for scale and your owner's intent is clear

A fully outsourced accounting team who facilitates invoicing, payments, and payroll

KPIs, metrics, forecasts, and projections to measure the company's financial health and cash liquidity

A proactive tax plan that prioritizes tax avoidance and the financial health of your business

You’re ready for:

client love

With The Profit Table’s guidance, I had a 2-month maternity leave in 2022 (while still paying myself and my employees the whole time). 

And I got money back in taxes this year. They changed the game for me in 2020. The things solopreneurs can do with the right financial guidance is wild

the write lens

As a busy entrepreneur, I knew it was super important to find a team I could trust to help make financial decisions.

Dondrea has coached me through many seasons of my business - from expanding my team to starting multiple new business ventures - and I am so grateful to have her as an extension of my team.

high moon studio

What's Included?

All packages include monthly bookkeeping and financial reports.

An onboarding fee equal to one month of service is required. 

Annual Profit Plan

Your ultimate guide to profitability with sales and spending recommendations that center your financial goals

Action Plan

Analysis of your business’s financial health

Identification of goals and 3 key milestones for reaching them

A step-by-step plan using your annual budget for reaching defined milestones

Monthly Strategy Sessions

Analysis of your monthly performance and annual profit plan progression with option for weekly leadership team check-ins

50-30-20 Profit Allocation™️

Our exact dollar recommendation for
your salary, tax payments, and future business investments

Tax Strategy & Plan

Facilitate payments for quarterly estimated taxes plus annual tax return preparation and personal and business filings

Full Cash Management

Cash flow analysis, projections, and forecasting to inform key management decisions that require the use of capital resources

Facilitate client invoicing/payments, vendor payables, and company payroll

investment: starts at $4000/MONTH