It's Time to Sit With Your Finances

Whether you’re new to the game or an OG, we’re serving numbers knowledge and financial dominance at the table.

All services require an onboarding fee unless you've completed a CFO Day partnership within the last 90 days

How we work


A single day intensive in which The Profit Table Team, including our principal CFO, an accountant, and a bookkeeper, will assess your business’s overall Accounting & Finance department and provide actionable strategy.  


You’ve poured everything into your business, and it’s paid off. Finally, you’re seeing the consistent five-figure income months you pinned to your vision board so long ago.

But even though you’ve hit major money milestones, when you look at your bank account sometimes you wonder where all your money is going. Your lifestyle isn’t quite what you thought it would be at this point.

In short, the math ain’t mathing.

Between DIY-ing your bookkeeping and making last-minute financial decisions as issues arise, you know it’s time to level up.

You’re ready to have a team of real experts who share your vision and can help you build the strategy to make it happen.

investment: $1500/MONTH


You’re no newbie to this. Your business has been doing numbers for a while.

You have a lean team with a mix of employees and contractors you can count on.  Client contracts are rolling in consistently, and you have your signature services down to a science. 

Now, you're ready to feel just as confident in your finances.  You know that your business could be even more profitable with the right strategy for growth.  You could have more cash to develop your big ideas and make them tangible.  You could clearly see your way to your million dollar sales goal.

You’re ready to intentionally hand off the day-to-day in your business finances to a team of financial experts who can guide you step-by-step into your business’ next level - the 4% club.  

investment: $2500/MONTH

Chief Financial Officer

You’re a powerhouse in your industry and you’ve got the receipts to prove it.

Your team runs like a well-oiled machine and your client experience is second to none. Beyond just being a stellar service provider– you’ve truly built a brand. Your rep precedes you in every room you enter, and the news is always good.

Though you have amazing full-time and part-time employees, you haven’t really found the time to add a financial expert to the team. You hire an accountant to do the taxes quarterly and your assistant does some basic bookkeeping, but that’s pretty much it.

You know that can only take you so far– and you’re ready to go further.

You’re ready to invest in a financial team to partner in your vision and help you create the best strategy for more wealth wins and more impactful legacy building.

investment: starts at $4000/MONTH

Step 1: Align
Once you book a consultation, we’ll discover how our services can best align with your vision and goals.

Step 2: Accommodate
We will establish your private client workspace in Liscio for communication and management of your finances.

Step 3: Action
We will meet to create your annual budget and begin constructing your action plan for reaching your 3 most important goals for this year. 

We Make Keeping Up With Your Coins Easy