Braving the Financial Seasons of Small Business

Businesses change seasons. You start by planting seeds for growth.  You nurture those seeds and reap a harvest.  You prune dead ends and weak limbs.  And, sometimes, you enter a dormant phase.

The timing of seasons is unique for each of our clients. We help you identify and track these seasons of business. Then create ease as you transition between seasons. All while maintaining alignment with your mission and vision.

Here’s how we help our clients successfully navigate the different seasons.

Planting Season

In simple terms, planting seeds is the work.  It’s the time, effort, and resources you invest to produce a harvest.

We help identify

  • existing resources

  • missing resources

  • what return to expect from investments,

Using our Good, Better, Best Budget (TM) approach, we forecast different scenarios that influence profitability and cash flow. This includes a worst-case scenario to your most favorable outcome. Then we attach probability metrics to these forecasts based on your historical data and other known variables to personalize these scenarios to your business.  This increases the reliability of your forecast report.

Harvest Season

When it’s harvest time, we take a long-term approach to help you get the most from your harvest.

We help identify how to

  • price your offers to appeal to your ideal client and maximize revenue

  • max out your capacity to get the best return on investment with your team

  • streamline operating expenses to stay within budget

  • have savings (cash reserves) for the dormant season

Pruning Season

We analyze your revenue by each offer to assess when it’s time to prune back. It’s not uncommon to have a revenue-generating offer with high operating costs.

We help identify underperforming offers

  • to eliminate

  • to improve with short-term investments

You receive monthly financial reports focused on key metrics and performance indicators which support your vision and a profitable business. By providing clarity on your numbers, and connecting the dots with strategy, we help you make difficult decisions with confidence.

Dormant Season

When a dormant season occurs, slow sales or cash flow, we’ve helped you prepare. We take a proactive approach to managing your cash flow because cash is queen.

  • Cash reserves (savings) allow you to operate your business even in a dormant season. It’s the lifeblood of the business. Making your business sustainable through all seasons.

  • Livelihoods depend on it. When your business funds your life and those around you forecasting cash flow is critical. Planning and preparing help provide peace of mind.

  • You don’t like surprises. While other businesses are stressing about an unexpected tax bill, our monthly tax analysis tells you exactly what to save and when to submit it to the IRS.

Evaluating financial performance and implementing a successful strategy is not one-size fits all.  Every founder and business is unique which is why transparency and vulnerability are critical to our work. The relationship we have with you allows us to create strategies specific to your business.


Do you know which season you’re in? Need a financial partner to guide you?

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