Easy ways to get started with bookkeeping for creatives


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If you are just starting your business, or wanting to get a little bit more serious about accounting in your business, I totally hear you!


Option #1: Wave Apps

If you are looking for a free software that includes accounting and invoicing, Wave could the perfect solution for you. This software is set up to have all of your finances (both personal and business) accessible within one location.  It’s user friendly, which means little to no overwhelm. This is definitely the DIY option I recommend most, because the system is so intuitive. All you have to do is update it consistently.

Option #2: Bench.co

If you are looking to completely hand off your bookkeeping but a virtual CFO isn’t within your budget, Bench.co is the perfect option for you!  This frees up your time to run your business, while Bench.co does your bookkeeping. Their system is streamlined and you even get a dashboard to visually learn about your numbers each month. You will have a dedicated bookkeeper that you interact with on a month basis.  Your dedicated bookkeeper will make sure things are being tracked correctly. A bonus is that you are allowed to ask your bookkeeper questions 24/7 – a complete win!

If you’re interested in Bench, I’m a partner accountant and would love to refer you!  Email me – you get a free month and a continued discount on your service, and I receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Option #3: The Systems Setup

If you are thinking – no, I just want you to set up my books for me and show me how to keep them current -we could be a great fit!

The Creative’s CFO offers The System Setup where I help set up your initial bookkeeping system and bring your bookkeeping up to date.

I’ll evaluate your current process (if you have one), set up your software, and get your books up to date so that you can see exactly where you stand with your bottom line. And the best part – we’re done in 2 weeks or less!  If this is what you need, let’s talk!

Say goodbye to anxiety and overwhelm during tax time by getting your bookkeeping in order RIGHT NOW! If any of the above options sound like they would be a great fit for you but you still have questions, feel free to DM me on instagram at @thecreativescfo. See you on IG!

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