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“I just flipped the switch;
I don’t know nobody else that’s doin’ this.” – Drake

In case you couldn’t tell, music plays the soundtrack of life.  I’ve got lyrics for days!

But, I promise beyond the TikTok craze, this one’s gonna make sense because it’s all about the pivot – revenue diversification.


When your main revenue offer either isn’t selling or you’re not able to deliver services/products, you need different avenues to push sales.  So, flip that switch.  What can you repackage or create that will get those sales flowing in the door and keep the lights on?  What we don’t want to see is you permanently diminishing the value of your offer with discounts or overdelivering and undervaluing.

Here’s a few ideas for diversifying your revenue –

1:1 Same-day Intensives

Do you typically have long-term working arrangements with clients?  Can you get the work in a shorter time period and thus take on more clients at a price point that appeals to your audience and still values your time appropriately?

Membership Communities (paid or unpaid)

Community is a desirable offer during this time when so many business owners are being affected in the same way.  Need a way to cast a wider net and provide value en masse?

VIP Session add-ons

Already have a free membership community full of people who’d love to work with you?  Offer a VIP session to business owners who might want to connect with you and get professional help 1:1.

Digital Products

Create e-books, courses, webinars, and workshops for the DIYer.  As more people transition their businesses online or create new ones, they’ll want to know how to run their online business, create websites and graphics, and market their products and services.  If you’re skilled in any of these areas, now’s your time to shine!

Some ideas – If you’re a caterer, can you create a recipe guide to sell online, particularly things that people have on hand during this time?  If you’re a wedding planner, can you create an idea book of in-home date night experiences for couples and sell it online?  Seriously low-ticket offers here, but your audience will appreciate the creativity and soak it up.


Have a business bestie with a complementary offer that your ideal clients would appreciate?  Tag team an offer – group coaching, community, or a course bundle would work.  

Physical Products

Have an in-person business that requires you to deliver a product?  Set up an online shop via Shopify, Squarespace, or Etsy, and sell your products there!

It’s about providing value for an audience who’s clearly in love with what you offer but in a way that feels manageable to them now and that is a great addition to your revenue portfolio in the future.  

Show up.
Serve your people.
Set up your streams.

How are you flipping the switch in your business?  DM me on Instagram, and share your offers!  I’ll share them in my stories and support you.

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