Empowering women founders and CEOs to become more profitable and build an impactful financial legacy through education, transparency, and strategy.

Know Your Numbers, Build Your Future

You built the business of your dreams, and now, that business is consistently earning $10K, $25K, or $50K+ months. You clearly know the meaning of discipline and hard work. But you don’t always know the meaning behind all the numbers going in and out of your business bank accounts. 

Wealth was always associated with people who didn’t look like you, people who didn’t sound like you, and people who didn’t live where you lived.

The Profit Table was created to change that. 
You are in charge of your knowledge, your wealth and your future.

And we’re the financial team to support you.

but we pulled up a chair anyway, sis.

We Weren't Offered a Seat at the Table 

So whether your business is within its first few years, or been around for over a decade, we got you. Our bookkeeping, accounting, and virtual CFO services are customized to meet you where you are and grow with you into your next era.

We make profit and wealth the norm for women business owners.

There’s a Seat for Everyone

chief financial officer




For freelancers and small businesses who need clarity, direction, and accountability

Annual revenues ranging from $100-150K+





For lean teams who need growth strategies, cash management, and overall compliance

Annual revenues ranging from $150-300K+

chief financial officer



Chief Financial Officer

For agencies that need a fully outsourced accounting department and CFO advisory

Annual revenues ranging from $500K-2M+

We leave the intimidating financial lingo for convos with our accounting colleagues. You always get clear, jargon-free explanations when it comes to your coins.

We don’t mind sharing an unpopular opinion or two. We’re not afraid to address ‘viral’ financial advice and the fine print that’s often overlooked.

We will never make you feel ashamed of money missteps from your past (or present). We’re here to help you recover and make better decisions.

No jargon


Transparency Over Trends

We bring both the professional receipts and the cultural insight to the table. We’re here to help you make more money without the overwhelm.

How We're Different

There’s a Seat for Everyone

client love

With The Profit Table’s guidance, I had a 2-month maternity leave in 2022 (while still paying myself and my employees the whole time). 

And I got money back in taxes this year. They changed the game for me in 2020. The things solopreneurs can do with the right financial guidance is wild

the write lens

As a busy entrepreneur, I knew it was super important to find a team I could trust to help make financial decisions.

Dondrea has coached me through many seasons of my business - from expanding my team to starting multiple new business ventures - and I am so grateful to have her as an extension of my team.

high moon studio

But we’re here to create our own, pull up a chair.

No One Reserved Seats at the Table for US