the Know Your Numbers™️ series: Reflection is Good


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I think it’s important that we, as a community, talk about our businesses and the effect of the global pandemic.  

Hindsight is 20/20, so let’s use that to our advantage right now to pinpoint areas in our business that need our attention.  Whether those areas are related to finances, people, or processes, we may find that what’s necessary to run a business, particularly during a time like this, has changed from what we once knew.  

We must acknowledge and adjust for these changes in order to build more sustainable businesses now and in the future.


So, instead of giving you a long checklist of to-do’s today, I’m sharing a few journaling prompts to help you go a bit deeper into this time and what thoughts, feelings, and actions it’s bringing up for you.  My hope is that you’ll use them to help you determine the results you hope to see and the future of your business.

  • What are you experiencing in the business at this very moment?  Lost revenue, expense burdens, opportunities, more connection, etc.?

  • What feelings is this period in the business bringing up for you?  Uncertainty, preparedness, or hopefulness?

  • What are you doing to sustain the business and/or move forward?  Streamlining processes, reducing expenses, reshaping your business model, or repackaging your offers?

  • What contingency plans will you create for future disasters?  More passive income offers, more cash reserves, more budgeting, or less overhead?

I hope that you’ll give yourself an opportunity to really sit with these questions and answer them honestly because reflection is good.

P. S.  Need more facts on the CARES Act, the Federal Stimulus, and Your Financial Strategy during this time?  Check out the replay from The Rising Tide Society’s community founder Natalie Franke, our CEO and founder Dondrea Owens, and The Abundance Group’s co-founder Ashley Ebert today

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