Why I Created The System Setup

I was talking to a potential client this past week, and she said something that I hear a lot from women in the creative industry who are doing their own business bookkeeping.  

I just need someone to tell me if I’m doing it right.
— A Potential Client

You see, there’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to doing your own bookkeeping.  And, it’s totally expected because you’re not an accounting professional! Just think about what it takes to become a CPA.  Four years of college isn’t even enough. We’re required to get an advanced degree AND sit for a 4-part exam that most people study and test for over a one-year period.  In addition to that, we are required by our licensing board to maintain our education annually.

Do you have time to do all of that and be the CEO of your business?

Pat yourself on the back for attempting to do it solo, and then find yourself a bookkeeper, accountant, or CPA that you vibe with and get her on your team STAT.

I promise that a professional set of eyes on your books will give you confidence in your efforts to maintain your own bookkeeping.


How I Work With Creatives

The messier, the better.
— Dondrea

That’s actually what I told a new client as I was sorting through months of her transactions.  I set up a new Quickbooks account for her and categorized almost 1,000 transactions into a beautiful Profit & Loss Statement that showed her bottom line for the year.  She knew that it had been a good year for her business with consistent cash flow, but seeing how much her bottom line had grown from the previous year confirmed that she’d done well with her business efforts.

I want the same thing to happen for you!  It’s why I created The System Setup.

Because often the first step isn’t signing up for monthly bookkeeping service.  It’s getting the mess you currently have cleaned up so that you can see the profit your business is making and so that you know whether outsourcing bookkeeping is affordable for you.

But here’s what you shouldn’t continue to do:

  • Leave all of your expenses in an Excel spreadsheet and hope for the best with your taxes this year.

  • Miss out on deductions because you forgot what half of those expenses are for and you don’t have a single receipt.

  • Worry and stress about an IRS audit because you simply don’t know what you don’t know

  • Make poor business investments because you don’t have a financial strategy

The Creative’s CFO is a judgment free zone.
— Dondrea

For me it’s just a part of the transformation process.  It’s a welcomed challenge to take all of your financial data and tell the story of your business through your finances.

When we work together on a System Setup, I start by looking at how you currently track your finances.  We talk about what parts of your finances feel overwhelming and discuss your goals. After that, I set up a system that makes sense for you, and I bring your bookkeeping up to date.

When we’re done with the System Setup, you’ll feel confident that your bookkeeping is accurate and up to date, that you have the tools you need to grow your bottom line, and that you are clear about the money you make and spend.  Even better, you’re able to confidently reinvest in your business, pay yourself a sustainable salary, and file your taxes early!

If you’re ready to get a professional set of eyes on your bookkeeping, let’s schedule a time to talk.  I recommend doing it sooner than later, as I only have a couple of openings left for this year. I’d love for you to get one of these spots and get your bookkeeping caught up for the new year.

All the best,

A quick synopsis if you’re short on time:

I have a couple of openings left for the System Setup for the rest of 2018, and I’m inviting you to schedule a discovery call so you can end the year feeling really good about where you stand in your finances.  You’ll be able to walk into your tax prepareer’s office early completely free of anxiety.

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