the Know Your Numbers™️ Framework

The Know Your Numbers™️ Framework focuses on 4 key areas that together predict the success and sustainability of any business.

  • Revenue: the amount of sales and other income. It is cash flowing into the business.

  • Profit: the amount of sales and other income left after accounting for all expenses.

  • Expenses: the cost of goods or services sold plus the cost of operations. It is cash flowing out of the business.

  • Cash: money in the bank!

These are highlighted in our clients’ monthly financial reports because we want you to have clarity on your numbers.


Know Your Numbers for Uncertain Times

Is your business ready for an unforeseen economic event?

A ready business is one that has a diverse mix of revenue streams – from services to products, both active and passive offers, at multiple price points. They serve a particular audience and meet their needs at all levels from caterpillar to butterfly.

Can your business weather a recession?

Ideally, a ready business has 3 months of cash on hand to cover operations, payroll, and taxes. Why is three months the recommendation? It gives you time to pivot your approach to sales for more positive results, reduce your expenses to maintain your profit margins, and watch the market for changes.

Can your business survive, sustain, and grow during this time?

Profit margins matter. Ready businesses have a profit margin consistent with or higher than their industry’s average. Are your expenses in alignment with the revenue you’re making? If they aren’t, you’ve got to go LEAN. Get rid of the non-essential expenses (ex: unused software subscriptions) to keep more of your revenue in the business. Why overwork yourself and your team to cover unnecessary expenses?


Are you ready to know your numbers? We can help!


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