Tiny Changes to Shift Your Mindset


Tiny Changes to Shift Your Mindset  The Creatives CFO


Everything begins in your mind.  

Let that sink in.  Not at all frightened by the thought?  Then you, friend, are a mindset master.  Teach me your ways!

We hear so much talk about mindset – from what it is to what’s good or bad about ours and how we can change it.  


Simply put, our mindset is the set of beliefs and attitudes we hold about life and the way we allow our thoughts about our life’s circumstances to impact our journey.

You’ll often hear of two types of mindsets:  fixed and growth.  

A fixed mindset believes that things are as they are and that acquiring something different requires intelligence or skills one may not possess.  A growth mindset, on the other hand, believes that all things are possible and that intelligence and skills can be nurtured and expanded to achieve the success we desire.

It’s possible to experience different mindsets in different areas of our lives.  For example, while one might believe that love, commitment, and marriage are attainable (growth mindset around relationships), one might also experience feelings of scarcity around money and believe that affording a home is unattainable (fixed mindset around finances).  

So, if a growth mindset is desirable, how does one make the shift from a fixed mindset?

One of my favorite mindset tools is affirmations.  

Affirmations are phrases used to positively affect our conscious and subconscious mind.  They have the power to change our thoughts with phrases written as if “it is [already] so.”  We can repeat them aloud, write them, and meditate upon them.  

Think of affirmations as programming for  –

new thoughts
that create feelings
that create actions
that create results. 

What’s your favorite mindset tool?  Send me a DM on Instagram!

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