Who’s the Best Accounting Professional for Me?

There’s a misconception that good financial representation, along with client service, is out of reach, and I believe that’s based in part on the hierarchy of roles within the accounting industry.

It can be a mystery to figure out just who to call – bookkeeper, accountant, or certified public accountant (CPA) when the need arises.  Let’s break down the hierarchy, so that you know the players and which ones you need on your team.

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The players explained – bookkeeper, accountant, and CPA

A bookkeeper records the day to day transactions in the business – how money flows in and out.  

An accountant analyzes the financial reports from a higher level to help spot trends on past activities and make recommendations to management for the future.

A CPA is a state-licensed accountant who is well-versed in finance, audits, taxes, and business law.

So, where is The Creative’s CFO in this hierarchy?

The Creative’s CFO seeks to bridge the gap between simple bookkeeping and in-house accounting for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners who need someone to “crunch the numbers” AND advise them on profit strategy and business sustainability.  The goal is organizing your business finances, so that you can know your numbers and build a more profitable, sustainable business.

I’ve reopened my discovery call calendar this month for creatives looking for some support and accountability in their business finances.  If this sounds like an opportunity for you, let’s talk!

And, as always, let’s continue the conversation over on Instagram @theprofittable

Until next time!

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